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I don’t know, it’s like we just can’t seem to get these hikes right.  HA HA!  This week we set out to do a 10 mile hike around Prettyboy Damn.  All of our hiking info so far has come from the internet.  Well this hike info must have been posted n 1992??  We arrived and the route suggested was not even close to a trail.  There was however a trail just steps away from were this one started so we followed that one, thinking that they could possibly join once we got there.  Yeah, no such luck.  We hiked for about 2 miles down to and along the Reservoir.  (MapMyHike lost us for a bit on its GPS so it reads a little less) Then we attempted going through the forest trying our very hardest to make a path to where the other trail was said to begin.  We ended up with lots of scratches and thorns on our legs and a dead end to our trail.   I will tell you I am PRETTY sure that you burn more calories and work up more of a sweat trying to get through that brush.  I would have sworn that we climbed much higher and for longer than the MapMyHike recoreded.    I was super tired any my heart rate was definitely up.

This small hike was a bit of a tease.  A tease because first of all the trail no longer existed but also because the second trail we found lead us down to the water which was beautiful and blue and deep.  PERFECT water for swimming in but it is protected.  It is one of the water sources used to hydrate and bath us Baltimorians.

For all of you Ideal Protein dieters I had an egg before setting off as well as a dash of Vanilla shake in my coffee and a Blueberry Cran Protein drink.  I did not feel very strong this hike.  I felt tired almost instantly and my heart was pounding on the inclines which were very manageable.  I think the difference for me this week and last week was that I made sure to hydrate a LOT the day before last week and this week not so much.  I only added a few ounces to my daily dose of about 80oz.

If you are looking to get a pretty secluded glimpse of the reservoir this is a small hike that will allow that.


On our GPS we plugged in the address

2230 Tracey Stores Rd, Baltimore MD

We followed Tracey Store Rd until we reached  Gate 5.  (There is an area where Tracey Store Rd meets Tracey Store Rd turn right and follow Tracey Store Rd to the dead end.   The path to the water is an easy cleared walk downhill and an uphill walk back but, like I said before very manageable.  I’d say it’s about .60 miles each way.   Once you get to the water there are only remnants of a trail.  But you can follows the waters edge for a bit.  We turned right at the water.  This right turn is what lead to the thorns and the scratched up legs so I don’t really recommend it unless you plan on wearing pants and feel like blazing a trail of your very own.  🙂

As we pulled away from this hike I was feeling itchy, tired and deflated.  First of all my son did not come along this week so I was bummed about that and then the trail did not really exist.  AND the part that did exist tuckered me out almost instantly!  I even said to my husband maybe I am not really cut out for this hiking thing.  So he says well you had another 8 miles planned into your day how about we just take a walk.  Little did I know what he was getting us into……

To Be Continued……………………………………….


So, I am looking a little closer at the trail that we planned for tomorrow…looks PRETTY SIMPLE.  Maybe a little too simple.  I hope it is enough to get our blood pumping.  With this heat and humidity we are having here in Maryland I am sure we will work up a sweat.  Like most “chubby girls” I am on a diet.  The diet I am doing is called Ideal Protein it strongly restricts carbs and sugar and of course calories so I have to mindful of how much strenuous activity I get myself into because I get pretty tire pretty quickly….but just in case we found another trail not far away from this one so we have a back up plan.

Here are some pictures that I was able to find of the Falls at the end of the Falling Branch Trail.  The fall is called Kilgore Falls.  My friends in Harford County are probably pretty familiar.  I, on the other hand, had no idea about this awesome little spectacular gem .  I can not wait until tomorrow to tell you guys all about it!!!!


hidden less than a mile away from my house.Image