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For anyone who has struggled with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight I know you will relate to this.

In the last week (that time of the month) I have gained 4lbs.  Yes some of that is water weight but some of that is

shovel as much food in as possible-itis.  chipmunk_stuffing_his_face_sticker-rb0450d92cbaa4fdbae2f5f1e4c9c8c7c_v9wf3_8byvr_324


I find myself using “that time of the month” as an excuse to eat whatever I want.  I have read that you do burn more calories and therefore are hungrier during this time and then of course we all know that those darling hormones are no help in making healthier choices.  The trick that I know but did put in place for this week is PLANNING AHEAD!  I always try to make sure that my pantry and refrigerator are stocked with healthy food and snacks.  Due to a crazy busy schedule lately and my love of fall comfort foods this did not happen this month.  I am using this as a lesson to push myself to be better prepared and to make the time to take care of me.  It is important to maintain a regular healthy intake of food.  For me it seems that once I am off the track it is no holds barred.  One splurge on cupcakes will result in 4-5 days of not eating well.  I don’t know if this is a psychological thing or if it a physical thing.  Does the once cupcake lead to a “well I am off the wagon may as well splurge” attitude or once you put that sugar in your body does your body just crave more?  The little tiny bit of research I have done shows that it is probably just a mix of the two.

What I do know is that I AM MORE POWERFUL than both of these.  I need to tell myself, “Self, you got this and yes you did have that cupcake but that does not mean you are a bad person.  You are just as smart and gorgeous as you were pre-cupcake.   You are in this for the long haul and you need to keep this body of yours healthy so it will last a long long time.”  Because really that is what its all about.

Is it nice to be able to sport a super spiffy cute outfit? Of course.

Does it feel good to see a low number on the scale?…. Well yeah duh!!

Is it great to slip on a size smaller jeans?  OH YEAH IT IS!!

However really this whole eating thing is about getting as many years out of this body you were given and spending those years healthy.  But what good is a long healthy life if you spend the whole time giving yourself negative self talk and deprivation.  The real key is finding balance between all of these factors.

Eat right

Now, off I go to the grocery store to arm myself for a healthy week full of good choices!



I’ve seen a variations of this recipe but I this is what I did with the goodies I had in my house. I posted it on my Facebook page and got a lot of requests, so I thought I’d post it here for you guys…

1lb of lean ground beef
30 turkey pepperonis
1/4 cup onions
1/4 cup green peppers
1 bag of pre-washed spinach
1 cup of non fat Greek yogurt
12 oz fresh part skim mozzarella cheese
Small jar of Wolfgang Puck Four Cheese Red Sauce
4 zucchini
Garlic Salt

Pre Assembly:
This part takes about 20-25 minutes

*Brown ground beef, onions, green peppers and spinach together

*peel zucchini with potato peeler. Only the outer parts. Once you get to the seeds stop peeling. (I save the seedy parts for salads later in the week)

*Mix all of your browned ingredients with Greek yogurt.

Layer your tray as follows
Red sauce
Peeled zucchini
Browned / Greek yogurt mixture
Pepperonis (15 per layer)
Peel or cut mozzarella ( I slice the ball of cheese)
Sprinkle top with Garlic Salt and oregano

Bake covered for approximately 1 hour at 375 degrees
Uncovered for 20 minutes

The secret behind the Yumminess of this recipe is for sure using fresh mozzarella… Don’t use the shredded stuff

I’ve also made this recipe with my friend Natalie’s homemade tomato sauce. Here is a link to that recipeNatalie’s Recipe

I entered this recipe into MyFitnessPal and this is the nutritional information it came up with