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What was I thinking? Who really cares what the heck I have to say?!? Ha ha!
When I had a hiking adventure to share weekly I felt like I was contributing but now I have this new disease….
I think it’s called Non-Hikingitis 🙂
You see I injured my foot on a 10 mile walk. I was a victim of my own vanity. I knew I had a long day of walking ahead of me but I wanted to look cute in my sun dress and sandals. Big mistake!!
I have a strain, a torn ligament and bit of swelling.

Initially the thought was no hiking for 2 weeks. The MRI results showed the tear and increased that 2 weeks to 6 – 8 weeks. This news has caused an increase in the symptoms of Non-Hikingitis.

In addition to the pains in the foot …the symptoms of Non-Hikingitis include but are not limited to:

*random pity parties
*cupcake over doses
*increased emotional eating
*increased whining
*decrease in gym attendance
And ultimately a STOP in weight loss!

The treatment for Non-Hikingitis (prescribed by yours truly
*Sit down and write it down. Make it real! No more excuses!!!!
*QUIT your Sissy’ng
*find non weight bearing exercises to do
*stay away from the cupcakes
*be proud of how far you have come so far. And know that YOU can get in shape and you WILL live a healthy lifestyle.