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Last night was the shortest hike yet but my heart was beating the fastest it ever did 🙂

My family and I enjoyed the Haunted Trail at Creepy Woods in Baltimore County.

Over the years we have explored many Haunted Trails in Baltimore and Pennsylvania.  This one was my favorite.

It was great because it was a short drive, the cost was minimal and it was quite ooky and spooky!

Apparently others have figured out the greatness of this trail because there was a 3+ hour wait to get into the forest.

The extra $10 on the speed pass was money well spent!

I love a good haunted trail but there were a couple of times during this one that I wished it was just over.  🙂

I was tired of screaming and I was pretty sure a heart attack was on the horizon.

While we were in line waiting for our turn, there was an adult escorted out of the trail because she was just to scared to continue.

I have NEVER seen that before at a haunted trail.  The organizer said that that lady was the 8th person that night to come back out of the trail and the night before they had 34 people do the same thing.  It was scary but I don’t know if it was quite that scary.