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So it’s about time that we get some proper footwear and packs to start training for our back packing trip on the Appalachian Trail. My husband has always used his gear from the Army. We aren’t familiar with any boots, packs, brand names etc.

So we set off to find out some information.

We planned on hitting the EMS in Annapolis and then heading over to the Hudson Trail Outfitters . There are just a few miles from one another. But, we got into Eastern Mountain Sports and lost complete track of time. We spent THREE HOURS in the store trying on boots and back packs. The sales associate John was super helpful and knowledgeable. He spent a great amount of time explaining shoes and packs to us as well as adding in little tidbits of helpful hiking and gear information. We ended up walking out of there with SOCKS! Three hours and we bought three pair of socks. 🙂

We thought it best to take the information that he gave us and do a little research of our own. I did find a pair of boots I am leaning towards. They are Asolos Stynger GTX ML.Image

But, I want to try on more and see what is out there. Your boots are your number one piece of gear so you want to make sure you get them right…. or so I have been told. 🙂

Do any of you hiking enthusiast have any brands/styles etc that you find work for you? Or wear you can get good deals on said equipment.


It was my intention to post once a week but now I am all amp’d up ready to go!  Ready to blog, ready to hike, ready to climb Mt Everest…  Well maybe that is pushing it a little bit.  🙂

I was so afraid to start this blog because I was so afraid of not following through on reaching my goal of hiking once a week and then completing the Md section of the AP.  But if it keeps up the way that today has then there is no way I can not do this.  I appreciate all of you cheering me on, sending me hiking suggestions and just taking the time to read my silly little blog.  I don’t know how this whole blogging thing works but it is looking like if you “LIKE” this blog and “FOLLOW” this blog then I will be easier to find on the internet.  Which would make me famous and boy wouldn’t that be sweet.  I might finally get my dream job as a hip hop back up dancer or as Oprah.  Ha Ha!!


Hi everyone!  My name is Kaycie,  I am a city girl from Baltimore MD.  My husband is an outdoors man.   I, on the other hand,am more of a dinner, drinks and Starbucks kinda girl.   For years he has asked me to hike.  I have sometimes agreed but ONLY if it is on a paved road and not to hilly.  I mean I did not want to sweat and I did NOT want to get dirty.

Well then I earned a free trip to Hawaii through my Scentsy business.  And when I was asking around about what to see and do in Hawaii Hiking was always on the top of everyone’s list.  My friend Brooke was my own private tour guide.  She actually has a blog that tells all about her hikes in Hawaii… and her life too… she is pretty special  CoveredInGrace is the name of her blog if you would like to check it out.  So I thought okay well at least Jim (my husband) will like that.  We should for sure do it.  Little did I know that I was going to fall in love with the adventure of being off of the path and getting dirty.  My favorite trail to hike was Manawilli Falls.  It was a trail that started at the end of a residential neighborhood and one that you don’t really just find my accident.  Lucky for me I had Brooke .Image

So we started out on this trail all alone talking about what are the big scary predators in Hawaii.  Neither of us knew…. So of course we googled it…. More experienced hikers might have done that ahead of time, I guess.  Once we found that there were not really any we relaxed a little bit.  So this hike was about 1.5 miles each way but the amazing thing about it was that at the end of the 1.5 miles there was a super awesome waterfall with a small pool to jump off of cliff next to the waterfall and into the poll.  And believe me WE NEEDED THIS REFRESHING WATER!!!

When we got home everyone asked us what was our favorite part of Hawaii and we both said that it was this hike.  We both were sweaty and out of shape struggling up those muddy hills but we both felt sooooo  good doing it.  (Welllllll maybe not in the moment but once we finished)  And the reward of the waterfall was just amazing!! Image So here I am back in Baltimore in the middle of summer…. A hot muggy super humid summer… and I find myself wanting more.   Jim, Codey (my 17 yr old son) and I decided around the dinner table that we were going to do the Maryland portion of the Appalachian Trail this November…..BUT MOM (me) quickly veto’d November and pushed it back to next Spring in May.  This is a four day hike, 10 miles a day and I just was not convinced that I would be prepared by November.

So now here we are with a goal of the Maryland portion of the Appalachian Trail in May.  We decided to start a weekly family hike every Sunday morning in and around Maryland to get accustomed to the different terrains that we will run into on our BIG HIKE.    Our journey begins this Sunday!  We are going to start at Falling Branch Trail it Kilgore Falls in Pylesville Maryland.  The reviews say that it is an easy trail with a great reward at the end.  So I am hoping that Codey will enjoy this hike as much as Jim and I enjoyed Manawili Falls so that he is as enthused about this new adventure as I am.  I will report back with you guys on Sunday to let you know how it goes.   I am hoping that this blog will help me to stay dedicated to my weekly goal and also maybe I will be able to give you guys some tips on where to hike and where not to hike…and vice versa.