From the couch to the trails


What was I thinking? Who really cares what the heck I have to say?!? Ha ha!
When I had a hiking adventure to share weekly I felt like I was contributing but now I have this new disease….
I think it’s called Non-Hikingitis 🙂
You see I injured my foot on a 10 mile walk. I was a victim of my own vanity. I knew I had a long day of walking ahead of me but I wanted to look cute in my sun dress and sandals. Big mistake!!
I have a strain, a torn ligament and bit of swelling.

Initially the thought was no hiking for 2 weeks. The MRI results showed the tear and increased that 2 weeks to 6 – 8 weeks. This news has caused an increase in the symptoms of Non-Hikingitis.

In addition to the pains in the foot …the symptoms of Non-Hikingitis include but are not limited to:

*random pity parties
*cupcake over doses
*increased emotional eating
*increased whining
*decrease in gym attendance
And ultimately a STOP in weight loss!

The treatment for Non-Hikingitis (prescribed by yours truly
*Sit down and write it down. Make it real! No more excuses!!!!
*QUIT your Sissy’ng
*find non weight bearing exercises to do
*stay away from the cupcakes
*be proud of how far you have come so far. And know that YOU can get in shape and you WILL live a healthy lifestyle.



No hike, BUT……

So I did not get to hit the trail this week but I got plenty of outdoors on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday I managed to get in 10 miles of Urban Hiking:)

I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Calvert County Fairgrounds at my Scentsy booth raising money for END HUNGER IN CALVERT COUNTY.  They were hosting a blues festival.

Blues Festiva

I started out my weekend with the intention to get out there and sell lots and lots of Scentsy and make myself lots and lots of money.  Well as it turns out, I got there learned a bit about the cause and I have decided that I will donate my entire commission to the cause.  The great part about this organization is that it was all founded by a man named

  • Rev. Robert P. Hahn – Founder and CEO
    Reverend Hahn was inspired to form End Hunger In Calvert County when he learned that while Calvert is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, it still suffers from rising poverty and hunger rates. Upon hearing that the majority of food pantry clients already hold full-time jobs, he was gripped by the vision of what could be accomplished if churches, schools, non-profits, businesses and other organizations joined together. His mission is to not only feed people but to get to the root causes of local hunger and help equip people to self-sufficiency.

The thing I find the most admirable about this is that he

1.  saw a need

2.  made a goal

3. set steps in action to achieve this goal.

I have accomplished steps 1 and 2 a gazillion times…. but man its that step 3 that stops me in my tracks.  How many of us think this would be worthy cause and it would be great to do something to help.  Then…. the next thing you know life starts happening and we keep going about our every day life and we never do anything to help.  So, when I come across someone who actually makes things happen I can’t help but to admire them.  One of the great things about this program is that not only do they feed people…. they also offer training programs to help unemployed and hungry people to learn a trade.  They offer several options in career train, including Electrician training.    I know that we can’t all start organizations but if you are looking to make a donation to help someone in need or if you are in need

This was the first annual Blues Festival of Southern Maryland but they have several other events that have been very successful.  I had such a great time.  Who knew that I was a Blue’s music fan?  I certainly did not!  We got to see two beautiful sunsets as well a zebra.  Yes that’s right I said a zebra….  I know how random right?  And of course my favorite part about events is getting to meet lots of new people.  That is actually my favorite part of my Scentsy business.

photo (61) photo (63) photo (65)photo (64)

Monday and Tuesday were not quite as fun.  I was picked to do jury duty on Monday.  I know some people groan at the thought of jury duty but I actually LOVE it.  It is guilt free time.  I read a book, drank coffee and just had some quiet time all morning long.  Not to mention I got to walk to jury duty.  It was beautiful morning.  I walked through the Inner Harbor and Downtown Baltimore.


It was a 2 mile walk each way.  I walked down and back in the morning and after it was over as well as home and back for lunch.  I was chosen to be on the jury so I got to go back on Tuesday.  So another walk down.  It was too hot to walk home afterward so I took the free calculator bus home.   My jury service on Tuesday entailed arriving at 1:30pm and sitting in the jury room for about 40 minutes to be called into the courtroom and told the trail was dismissed.  I get paid from my full time job from my full time job for the entire day PLUS the City of Baltimore paid me $15 a day for my time.  I wish I could get jury duty every day 🙂

What’s your motto?



So it’s about time that we get some proper footwear and packs to start training for our back packing trip on the Appalachian Trail. My husband has always used his gear from the Army. We aren’t familiar with any boots, packs, brand names etc.

So we set off to find out some information.

We planned on hitting the EMS in Annapolis and then heading over to the Hudson Trail Outfitters . There are just a few miles from one another. But, we got into Eastern Mountain Sports and lost complete track of time. We spent THREE HOURS in the store trying on boots and back packs. The sales associate John was super helpful and knowledgeable. He spent a great amount of time explaining shoes and packs to us as well as adding in little tidbits of helpful hiking and gear information. We ended up walking out of there with SOCKS! Three hours and we bought three pair of socks. 🙂

We thought it best to take the information that he gave us and do a little research of our own. I did find a pair of boots I am leaning towards. They are Asolos Stynger GTX ML.Image

But, I want to try on more and see what is out there. Your boots are your number one piece of gear so you want to make sure you get them right…. or so I have been told. 🙂

Do any of you hiking enthusiast have any brands/styles etc that you find work for you? Or wear you can get good deals on said equipment.

Patuxent River State Park

This was the first time since we have started on our commitment to hike once a week that I woke up and DID NOT WANT TO HIKE! It was hot, humid and I was tired. Not to mention the list of things that needed to be done at home.

But, I know from past experience that the list of things that needed to be done at home would still be there when we got home…. And the heat and humidity were part of the deal. So the verdict was …………….SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!

This week’s pick was Jim’s pick. I don’t think he realizes that I know he had ulterior motive but, I went along pretending like I had no clue. 😉

This trail was an unnamed trail. It is actually a horse trail that is right next to the field where he hunts, hence the ulterior motive. So this trip had three missions. See what the farmers planted, scope out the land for deer oooooh and hike. This was fine with me. It is probably best that I know where he is when he is hiking, for safety reasons.

There were lots of choices as far as picking a trail to follow they went off in many directions. Some smaller than others. I am glad he was in charge of where to go because I would have gotten lost for sure. This was unlike most of the trails we have followed before. It was not as overgrown as our attempt at Prettyboy Damn. But part of it were pretty overgrown and there were a LOT of thorny bushes along the trail so pants are a must for this one. Yes, Yes we were in shorts of course. There were many muddy patches as well as REALLY overgrown parts of the trail. I have to tell you I can deal with the mud. I actually enjoy it sometimes….well only when I have a change of shoes with me. But overgrown and thorn bushes do NOTHING for me except scrape up my legs and make me itchy. Another thing about this trail was NO BLAZES. Some of you have hiked before some of you have not so if you are not sure what a blaze is its a marking that tells you where the trail is.

I found the lack of blazes and Jim’s knowledge of the land quite relaxing. It was nice to just be able to walk. I trusted him to get us out of there and that he did….safely and soundly. MY HERO!!


If you were curious the farmers planted soy beans this year instead of corn


which means there will be less deer around Jim’s favorite place to hunt. 😉

All in all I am glad that we went out and did the hike today. It is so great to have a partner who makes you get out there even when you don’t want to. I would have spent the whole week regretting not going if I would have stayed home to clean the house. Having gone, I will not spend all week wishing I had done housework. That’s just the way life is. Sometimes you have to leave the dirty laundry behind and get out there to meet toads.


This is probably not a trail I would recommend unless you have a navigational system or some familiarity with the land. I would still be wandering around in the woods if I did not have my trusty tour guide with me. Lucky he was there and it only ended up being a 3.2 mile hike.

photo (7)

Zucchini Lasagna

I’ve seen a variations of this recipe but I this is what I did with the goodies I had in my house. I posted it on my Facebook page and got a lot of requests, so I thought I’d post it here for you guys…

1lb of lean ground beef
30 turkey pepperonis
1/4 cup onions
1/4 cup green peppers
1 bag of pre-washed spinach
1 cup of non fat Greek yogurt
12 oz fresh part skim mozzarella cheese
Small jar of Wolfgang Puck Four Cheese Red Sauce
4 zucchini
Garlic Salt

Pre Assembly:
This part takes about 20-25 minutes

*Brown ground beef, onions, green peppers and spinach together

*peel zucchini with potato peeler. Only the outer parts. Once you get to the seeds stop peeling. (I save the seedy parts for salads later in the week)

*Mix all of your browned ingredients with Greek yogurt.

Layer your tray as follows
Red sauce
Peeled zucchini
Browned / Greek yogurt mixture
Pepperonis (15 per layer)
Peel or cut mozzarella ( I slice the ball of cheese)
Sprinkle top with Garlic Salt and oregano

Bake covered for approximately 1 hour at 375 degrees
Uncovered for 20 minutes

The secret behind the Yumminess of this recipe is for sure using fresh mozzarella… Don’t use the shredded stuff

I’ve also made this recipe with my friend Natalie’s homemade tomato sauce. Here is a link to that recipeNatalie’s Recipe

I entered this recipe into MyFitnessPal and this is the nutritional information it came up with


Relax… It will get done!

Today I was feeling a bit overwhelmed! I happened across this little nugget on Instagram.
A little reminder that it will all get done eventually!