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This week I ditched the boys and took the dog. WOW what a different feeling it is out on the trail all by myself. I paid attention more to my surroundings and actually tried to keep track of where I was going. I usually depend on my husband to do this. It is also very liberating. Just proved to myself there is one more thing that I can do on my own. I felt very accomplished after this hike. PROBABLLY the most accomplished I have ever felt after a hike.

I put my ear buds in took the dog off of the leash and we took off. He led the way for the most part….well until he took wrong turns and then I steered him in the right direction. I was surprised that our pace was so much faster when it was just me and Boh. I think the music coming from my ear buds had a lot to do with it. I listened to my favorite bootie popping Pandora station which even made me jog for bits at a time when the trail was smooth.

Since I was a bit nervous about going out by self I made sure to go to a trail that I knew was well marked and I was a little familiar with…. So we went to back to Patapsco State Park. We did the same purple (Soap Stone) and orange trails (Bull Run) that we did the previous week. Well really a little bit modified. We skipped the walk through the open field on the “private road” and started out on the purple trail. The purple trail takes you down to the river bed where the Orange trail begins we took the orange trail up and down and up and down we even found a little detour over this a homemade bridge over a giant tree that had fallen down. So we crossed the cute little bridge up the steep hill to the top. At the top of the hill if you went left you could take another trail it was a red trail. I really want to add that trail the next time we go out. Just to make our hike a little longer.

The last time we did this trail we went 3.95 miles in 1 hour and 41 minutes

This time Boh and I did 4.36 miles in 1 hour and 21 minutes

I give all the credit to the booty popping music