After taking a break from Ideal Protein while I was in Michigan, I decided I liked the way I felt with some carbs in my body.
I was more clear headed. I had more energy. More endurance. I felt like a new woman. While the weight loss with IP was super fast and the program definitely worked, for me I think it’s time to phase in some carbs.
Being off of IP means that I get to go back to the gym. This is going to be tricky because my schedule is super busy right now and will only get even busier next month when I start taking a class. But, I am determined to make it work.
There is a little quote I’ve seen all over Pinterest/Facebook etc that sticks in my head….

With that being said I took my butt butt to the gym yesterday. These are the leg exercises that I did. I’ve never really worked much on strength training. So I just made sure to hit all of the muscles in what are now my sore little legs.


What routines do you follow?