So as established I always felt like the bigger person. This is not something that really bothered me. I mean it was just part of who I was. Well who I thought I was. In actuality I was just normal. It was not until after my son was born that I actually gained weight and was really what you would call over weight. Again this was not something that really bothered me…. well not until my sweet dear husband who is a go along with the flow don’t rock the boat kinda guy said to me “When do you think you will lose the baby weight?” My son was 3 years old at the time.

It just so happens that my best friend was getting married soon and this little comment of my husbands gave me the little push that I needed to get my buns in gear. I bought a gym membership and decided I was going to eat better.

Now eating better was not something that I knew a lot about. So I switched the family to 2% milk for our morning sugary cereal. I ate turkey, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich a day with only half the potato chips that I would ordinarily eat and every night for dinner I had a baked chicken breast with yellow rice and green beans. Believe it or not this “diet” of mine helped me to lose 20lbs. I was taking a 1 mile walk daily either outside or on the treadmill and a step aerobics class once or twice a week. I am sure that my early 20’s metabolism had a lot to do with this loss.

I felt great and was super pleased with the new me. It was not long after the wedding that I got back into the old routine of snacking when I wanted, not really taking any time to consider caloric or fat counts. As you can imagine the pounds came back and life went on. The weight did not really bother me. I just kind of went on with life not really caring to even tackle the thought of my weight. That is until my husbands 30th birthday. We went out with a group of friends for a dinner and dancing. The pictures of that night along with a dose of reality on our newly bought scale sent me into operation get this girl in shape!


I decided I needed some education when it came to nutrition. I needed to get active and I needed something to keep me motivated. So I decided to join weight watchers, restarted by gym membership and started a biggest loser contest with my girlfriends.

This is when I feel my life changed when it came to eating healthy and fitness….

I got in the habit of going to the gym daily. At first my work outs were only about 20 minutes long and they were walks on the treadmill. I gradually increased this time on the treadmill. I had no interest in running so my time on the treadmill was fast walking only. One day I hopped on to the elliptical trainer and I was bumped right back down to 20 minutes. I gradually built my way up to about an hour a day.

Eating right became easier with the help of Weight Watchers and their points system. I learned to read labels and what to look for. I attended the meetings and met many people who were battling this same battle as me. I also met people who started on their journey losing a pound at a time and had lost upwards of 100lbs. Many of them were not there to lose weight but continued to attend meetings in an effort to maintain their weight. This was really eye opening to me. The battle with weight is a life long battle. It was at this time that I realized that I had a food addiction. Sounds silly right? Yeah I thought so too but I know that this is actually the problem that I have. <<< We can talk more about that later >>>>

Long story short I ended up losing 50lbs on Weight Watchers. It took me two years. I would spend January-May doing hardcore dieting and the summer and holiday season maintaining. So I lost 25lbs the first year


and 25lbs the following year.


I FINALLY had mastered this whole food thing! I now knew what I needed to do and I was going to live my life happy and healthy. That is until my world got turned upside down.