So, I am looking a little closer at the trail that we planned for tomorrow…looks PRETTY SIMPLE.  Maybe a little too simple.  I hope it is enough to get our blood pumping.  With this heat and humidity we are having here in Maryland I am sure we will work up a sweat.  Like most “chubby girls” I am on a diet.  The diet I am doing is called Ideal Protein it strongly restricts carbs and sugar and of course calories so I have to mindful of how much strenuous activity I get myself into because I get pretty tire pretty quickly….but just in case we found another trail not far away from this one so we have a back up plan.

Here are some pictures that I was able to find of the Falls at the end of the Falling Branch Trail.  The fall is called Kilgore Falls.  My friends in Harford County are probably pretty familiar.  I, on the other hand, had no idea about this awesome little spectacular gem .  I can not wait until tomorrow to tell you guys all about it!!!!


hidden less than a mile away from my house.Image