It was my intention to post once a week but now I am all amp’d up ready to go!  Ready to blog, ready to hike, ready to climb Mt Everest…  Well maybe that is pushing it a little bit.  🙂

I was so afraid to start this blog because I was so afraid of not following through on reaching my goal of hiking once a week and then completing the Md section of the AP.  But if it keeps up the way that today has then there is no way I can not do this.  I appreciate all of you cheering me on, sending me hiking suggestions and just taking the time to read my silly little blog.  I don’t know how this whole blogging thing works but it is looking like if you “LIKE” this blog and “FOLLOW” this blog then I will be easier to find on the internet.  Which would make me famous and boy wouldn’t that be sweet.  I might finally get my dream job as a hip hop back up dancer or as Oprah.  Ha Ha!!